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A.S.S is a manufacturer specializing in baby products. All the brand’s products are made of natural colored cotton. No printing and dyeing technologies are used to ensure that the brand is truly zero-pollution.

Info & Care


Name: A.S.S. Colored cotton air layer
Composition: 70.3% cotton, 29.7% polyester
Color: Cream
Size: 33″x35″

Fabric Description
Just as different races are born with naturally different hair colors, so does this cotton has been cultivated under controlled biological growing. Compared with ordinary cotton, our naturally-colored cotton need less printing and dyeing process, thus reducing the likelihood of skin allergies and ensuring healthy and high-quality sleep and growth of infants and young children.

Product Features
Natural colored cotton: comfortable, breathable, non-staining, and antistatic.

Selected Reasons
1 Cozy, breathable, and skin-friendly.
2 it has economical and practical uses such as:
1) Blanket for baby in air-conditioned room
2) cart blanket
3) Bath towel blanket
4) Holds
3 Fine craftsmanship is evident in its uniform and delicate lines and edges as well as its smooth, rounded corners.

Purchase information
1. Product pictures are all taken similarly, and color difference may occur due to lighting or display. Please refer to the actual product.
2. The goods are standard in size, with a corresponding size chart for reference; product size is measured manually, so if there is a slight error, please return it in kind.
3. Once your order is received and confirmed, you cannot make any changes or cancel it.

Washing Instructions
1. Wash gently and carefully.
2. Air drying is recommended.
3. Do not sun dry. Do not dry clean.

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