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Focusing on creating high-quality travel accessories, the manufacturer has accumulated more than a decade of manufacturing services for international first-line travel accessories brands.

Info & Care


Product Name: Mercedes-Benz Original Authorized Children’s Trolley Case
Color Description: Red, White, Orange, and Black
Material: PP
Size: 19″L x 26″W x 8″H
Weight: 4 pounds
Applicable age range: 3-8 years old

Material Description
American Exxon Mobil imports high quality PP material. The PP material is a thermoplastic resin that is worthy of polymerization from propylene. It is non-toxic, odorless, low density, strong, compact, sturdy, and heat resistant.

Product Features
1 Abrasion-resistant
2 waterproof and easy to clean
3 Eco-friendly and durable

Select Reasons
1 original length authorized: 6 “drive”
2 Concealed aluminum rods are made of aviation-grade aluminum and are light and beautiful.

Maintenance methods
1 Usage: Avoid throwing or exposure to extreme temperatures or contact with corrosive liquids.
2 Lever: When storing the box, reduce the lever to its shortest length.
3 Dust-proof: Please use a dust bag (or plastic bag) to pack the box to keep dust out.
4 Moisture: Please put the box in a dry place, and add the desiccant to offend mildew.
5 Cleaning: Wipe it with a damp cloth instead of washing or soaking it.

Transport Tips
1 Mercedes-Benz original authorized children’s trolley cases are not off-the-shelf products. Each product need 5 days to be manufactured after the order is placed.

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