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A.S.S is a manufacturer specializing in baby products. All the brand’s products are made of natural colored cotton. No printing and dyeing technologies are used to ensure that the brand is truly zero-pollution.


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Name: A.S.S. Fashion Pregnant Silver Fiber Radiation Strap
Composition: 54.4% nylon (containing silver), 45.6% polyester fiber
Size: L, XL, XXL

Product Features
1 The use of silver fiber radiation protects fabrics. The fabric inside has a dense mesh structure and vents. It is thin, soft, and breathable with antibacterial, anti-fouling, and long-lasting effect.
2 It will not be oxidized or discolored for a long time. It is a safe and non-toxic green product fabric and will not have side effects on the human body.
3 With innovative silver fiber processing technology, all-around wrapping, greater radiation protection area.

Size tips
L – Bust 38″ Hem 50″
XL – Bust 40″ Hem 53″
XXL – Bust 43″ Hem 55″

Washing instructions
1 Avoid machine wash, avoid wringing to dry
2 Put appropriate amount of neutral detergent, gently wash by hand
3 Hand wash with pure water or cold water, water temperature should not exceed 30 degree
4 Do not bleach or use bleaching detergent. Do not iron.
5 Do not wring after washing, pick up directly from the water and dry it.

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