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Manufacturer of LEGO indoor theme park

Info & Care


  • Name: Children’s Swim Ring
  • Product Material: Environmental Quality Raw PVC
  • Applicable ages: 3 months to 3 years old
  • Applicable weight: up to 35 pounds
  • Product features: Portable, heat-resistant, wear-resistant
  • Product Specifications: Outer Diameter 21″, Bust 18”- 23″
  • Product manual: Manual pump, transparent sparse tube, patch, manual
  • Imported environmentally friendly PVC particles, in line with ZHTC testing standards. Independent layered design of leak-proof valve, durable
  • High temperature resistance around 20-60 degrees, can be used for all seasons.
  • You can freely adjust the chest circumference as your baby grows, and use it for a long time.
  • It has a unique surface matte color, durable, and no fading. After being inflated, it can stand for a year without running out of the air.

Select reasons
1 Solid double buckle design holds the baby firmly in your arms.
2 It has independent five airbags with closed buckle design that even if the baby unplugs, it will not run out of air.
3 Chest airbag design is adjustable according to your baby’s bust, considering the amount of inflation.

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