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A.S.S is a manufacturer specializing in baby products. All the brand’s products are made of natural colored cotton. No printing and dyeing technologies are used to ensure that the brand is truly zero-pollution.

Info & Care


Name: A.S.S. Colored Cotton Pad
Ingredients Fabric: 100% cotton
Interlayer: TPU high permeability waterproof membrane
Color: light coffee
Size: 27″x 18″
Quality Class: Baby A Class

Fabric description

1 Authentic natural colored cotton from Xinjiang, natural and non-polluted during the growth process. No chemical additives are used during fabric production to protect babies’ delicate skin.
2 32 combed organic colored cotton yarns are used, grown in a color cotton production base of 1,000 meters above sea level, with a maximum of 3,000 hours of sunlight per year.

Product Features

1 Healthy natural colored cotton, no chemical dyeing, no fluorescent agent, soft and comfortable, anti-static, no irritation to babies’ skin.
Special note: Natural colored cotton is precious cotton. Its annual output in China is only 22,000 tons, which is the lowest in cotton, accounting for 0.20% of all cotton;

2 Natural coloured cotton fabrics are healthy and environmentally friendly, and have not undergone any chemical treatment. Occasionally, there will be some black spots of cottonseed hulls on the fabrics, which is a normal occurrence.

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